Lady Moon

A new moon hails blessings and new beginnings, she brings forth great spiritual happenings. Take this opportunity and write down the intentions that you want manifested in your life. Whilst holding on to those intentions, visualise a shedding of the excessive weight that been holding you back and meditate intently. Invoke the energies of change and new beginnings.

My spiritual compass is charged today and dedicated this sketch to our lady the moon. We are all seeds of the universe, watered with immeasurebale love and light. Today is your chance to rise from your ashes and like the Phoenix, soar above your adversities.

Infinite love and light.



You scan through your old photos, looking at how much you’ve changed since your 12th birthday and remembering the days when tattoo chokers and paisley bandanas ‘shot’ up your ‘fashion game’ (well, at least in my case…). Flicking through the photos you start to accumulate flashbacks of embarrassing moments, classroom crushes and the time you were convinced fame was calling for you. However, like most of us, you will also remember the struggles you went through; the battle of loving yourself.

Our animalistic traits are primarily responsible for our desire to attain beauty. We see it across the animal kingdom, a well known example are peacocks fluttering their brightly coloured feathers in order to attract a mate. Amongst humans, the culture of seeking validation has grown rapidly since the introduction of social apps e.g. twitter, instagram and so on. They are in an essence, attracting validation from others in order to give themselves certainty and solidity that they are indeed attractive. It could be argued that this is a form of an addiction, the constant need to be approved by others rather than yourself. Furthermore, it could be said that this has stemmed from deep rooted issues that can be traced back a primary source/s. Expanding on that point, there might have been a time in your life where you saw yourself reflecting the life of someone else who you deemed to be more attractive, popular, loved etc… You then begin to use that individual as your blueprint, stripping away the layers of you.

You are worthy of self-praise, self-affection and self-admiration. Every flaw you see amplifies your distinctive beauty and adds to your mysticism. Go ahead and take that selfie, gaze at your omnipotent beauty that vibrates from your core. Self love is a battle, you are not expected to chant ‘I love myself’ everyday because you are entitled to feel down. Insecurity is nothing to be ashamed of, it reminds you that you will rise again and tread over its ashes, like the rebirth of a Phoenix.

Love and light,



Miss Universe


The universe around you is infinitely expanding at a unimaginable rate, scattering the void with planets, stars and nebulae. Yet there you are, a person stationed on a blue spaceship making it’s age old journey through space.

We cannot ever fully fathom the awe of our existence, without witnessing first hand the limitless sea of the universe. But I have learnt something, a valuable lesson that is part of my legacy; I am the Universe.

Within all of us lies the universe, this is a cosmic gift that matches no other worldly desire. What do I mean by this? Quite simple really, you are the universe. You have the potential to unlock energies, capabilities, intellect and wisdom that is has been stored within you since the moment of conception. Allow yourself to welcome this change, send out a request and begin taking the first steps into self understanding.

We are conjoined to the universe via a fine cosmic cord, she will not let go of her children. Our purpose is to nourish our soul, negative stimulus such as  celebrity culture is depriving ourself from the right kind of knowledge. It’s a lot easier than you think, once you begin to rekindle your connection with the true self it becomes almost impossible returning back to our unnatural state.